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Bentleys, Ferraris and Lamborghinis among thousands of luxury cars seized

Lamborghinis were among the thousands of luxury cars seized

Bentleys, Ferraris and Lamborghinis are among more than 3,700 luxury cars seized by police in England and Wales so far this year, according to new research.

A total i n excess of 22,500 vehicles were confiscated by police forces by mid-July because their drivers were either not insured or did not have a valid licence, analysis by Churchill Car Insurance found.

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Over £1.4 million has been raised by the sale of these vehicles at auction, with the highest resale price of a single car achieved by the Metropolitan Police at £22,100.

More than 6,500 of the cars have been crushed so far this year, with their scrap value generating almost £280,000.

The figures are based on responses to Freedom of Information requests submitted on June 16.

Churchill’;s head of car insurance Steve Barrett said: “Everyday, law-abiding motorists are paying out for their car insurance but the harsh truth is that they also have to pay for the million drivers on our roads who choose to drive without insurance.

“To know that a contingent of these uninsured motorists are driving around in luxury cars worth hundreds of thousands of pounds, believing that their bank balance elevates them above the law, is maddeningly unjust and selfish beyond measure.

“We need an urgent examination of the penalties for uninsured motoring, introducing sentences that are a real deterrent and that will keep these irresponsible motorists off the road.

“The penalties should be far higher and money generated from increased fines should be pumped back in to enabling the police to catch more uninsured drivers.”

Analysis of Motor Insurers’; Bureau data showed that London had the highest percentage of uninsured cars at 5.5%, followed by the North West (4.3%) and North East (3.5%).

Scotland and the South West were joint lowest at 1.4%.

:: Here are the luxury cars seized by police forces in England and Wales so far this year (number of cars in brackets):

1. BMW (2,117)

2. Audi (1,546)

3. Porsche (52)

4. Ferrari (11)

=5. Bentley (6)

=5. Lamborghini (6)

7. Maserati (4)

8. Rolls-Royce (2)

=9. TVR (one)

=9. Aston martin (one)

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Illegal immigrants not entitled to injury compensation from public funds: Ontario court

TORONTO — Illegal immigrants are not entitled to compensation from public funds for a motor vehicle accident, says Ontario’s court of appeal, which has rejected a hard-fought claim from a Brazilian man hurt in a hit-and-run when walking across a Toronto street.

Jarley Silva was run down in 2011 while he was walking across Bloor Street West. The driver was never identified.

Silva had arrived in Canada in 1992 using a fraudulent passport and lived partially off the grid — he obtained an Ontario driver’s licence but did not own a car or have insurance; he worked as a cleaner and then in construction, even registering his own drywall company, but did not report his income or pay tax.

He even joined a trade union, the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, court heard.

Silva lived in rental apartments and paid for his living expenses in cash. He didn’t have any credit cards and never applied for a Social Insurance Number or OHIP, the province’s health plan.

He had been deported in 1995, but soon returned in Canada, illegally crossing the border from the United States at Niagara Falls and returning to his quiet life in Toronto.

In 2002 he applied for, and was issued, a driver’s licence, although he apparently never owned a car and never drove. From then until his accident, he never left Ontario.

(The judge) recognized that de facto physical presence in Ontario, even if continuous, does not automatically establish ordinary residency

When Silva was hit on Bloor, he suffered a shattered left ankle and fractured right knee. The ankle was surgically repaired with screws and a plate and he spent time in a wheelchair and then on crutches after the surgery.

After the crash he filed 2 claims: one for refugee protection, which was denied him in April 2013, and one for compensation for his injuries. Because the identity of the driver was unknown, there was no insurance policy that could respond to damages, putting his claim before the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund.

The traffic accident, however, exposed his life of more than 10 years in the shadows.

Silva was deported to Brazil in 2013, but he continued to press his claim in court.

The government sought to have Silva’s claims rejected by the court because the act that created the fund states it is open only to people who “ordinarily reside in Ontario.”

Thus began the debate over whether someone who lived in Ontario continuously for almost a decade — but did so without having legitimate immigration status — could be considered a true resident.

In January, Justice James F. Diamond of the Ontario Superior Court sided with the government, declaring Silva’s “physical presence” in Ontario was the result of “deception.” Diamond did not believe the law was meant to give someone “the opportunity to reap the benefits of ordinary residency in Ontario via a clandestine life through the passage of time.”

Silva appealed the decision to the Ontario Court of Appeal, which last week upheld the decision, and ordered Silva to pay $5,000 in costs to the government.

“(The judge) recognized that de facto physical presence in Ontario, even if continuous, does not automatically establish ordinary residency in Ontario for the purpose of access to the Fund. The appellant was present in Ontario illegally, was subject to deportation on discovery and had already been deported once,” Justice Eleanore Cronk wrote on behalf of the appeals panel.

The case highlights limits placed on immigrants without legal status in Canada, said Toronto immigration lawyer Sergio Karas.

“This case should sound a cautionary note for those individuals who have obtained driver’s licences and drive motor vehicles without immigration status,” Karas said.

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Such as mother such as daughter: This particular month’s ‘s Gore Eco-Crusading Junior Mega-Hypocrite award will go to…

**Written by Doug Powers

Chelsea Clinton has gained this month’s honor due to her great sacrifices for that cause of reducing fossil gas emissions simply by torching a tremendous amount of aircraft fuel with the intention of “clean energy” promotion:

Chelsea Clinton opted to go to a “clean energy” roundtable in Asheville, North Carolina upon Wednesday mid-day in a personal jet in order to campaign for her mom Hillary Clinton.

Clinton 1st attended 2 events within Greenville, New york, stopping by the campaign workplace and then likely to an event from East Carolina University to talk about college value.

After the girl 2 activities in Greenville, Clinton had been scheduled to go to a “clean energy roundtable” in Asheville, which is in regards to a 5-hour refuse. But instead associated with driving or even flying on the commercial aircraft, Clinton elected to a have a private aircraft. The NTK Ne2rk submitted a monitoring video that will shows Clinton boarding the particular private plane on Wed.

The Clinton campaign pledged last year they will be co2 neutral in the trail and they would be “offsetting the co2 footprint from the campaign such as travel. ” The Clinton team provides yet to satisfy this guarantee, however , since the campaign is definitely private aircraft to travel to occasions.

Such as mother such as daughter!

**Written simply by Doug Capabilities

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Image:Dr. Julie C. Brown of University of Washington Medicine pediatrics/emergency medicine holding EpiPens, the new design (left) and old EpiPen (right)

Specialists Tear Aside EpiPens, Looking for Upgrades

Heather Bresch, TOP DOG of embattled drug creator Mylan, testified before a home panel a week ago that one from the main reasons the organization had to walk up the costs on the signature EpiPens from dollar 100 in order to $ 6 hundred is the “more than a single billion dollars” it has committed to the past 10 years “to boost the product plus make it a lot more available. inch

Image: Dr. Julie C. Brown of University of Washington Medicine pediatrics/emergency medicine holding EpiPens, the new design (left) and old EpiPen (right), Monday, Sept. 19, 2016, Seattle, Washington.
Doctor Julie D. Brown, the University associated with Washington College of Medication pediatric crisis physician, keeping 2 EpiPens, the new style at still left and the previous at correct.