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Florida bill would eliminate PIP insurance


If your auto insurance is skyrocketing, Florida lawmakers say they have a plan to save you some money.

Critics say the plan will actually cost you more.

House Bill 1063 is moving through the state legislature, and it calls for eliminating Florida’;s no-fault insurance plan.

How much you save though depends on who you are, how much you drive and how many cars you insure.

Overall, this calls for saving the average driver $81 a year, but critics predict costs will ultimately increase later.

“I’;m very responsible as a driver,” said Diane Wetzel.

But she said that isn’;t stopping her insurance rates from increasing.

“We have 4 cars, so it’;s bundled,” Wetzel said.

She and others said the insurance industry is like this accident, a mangled mess.

“It’;s a patient on its last breath,” said Tim Shaw with Shaw Insurance Agency.

Shaw is talking about Florida’;s “no-fault insurance system,” which requires you have $10,000 worth of injury coverage for yourself.

“It’;s so fraught with fraud that you have to let this thing die. We have to let PIP go,” Shaw said.

Lawmakers plan to do just that. A new bill would require drivers buy $25,000 bodily injury coverage for the other guy.

“If you’;re part of the 93 percent that already buy liability insurance, your rate is going to go down,” Shaw said.

Lawmakers supporting the bill predict the average driver will save about $81 a year for each vehicle they insure.

Shaw admits in time though rates could increase.

“Medical payment insurance on your auto policy will probably go up significantly if that happens, then you may come back to where you currently are,” Shaw said.

Attorney Scot Goldberg fears increased costs could lead to more drivers going without insurance.

“We have people coming in with zero insurance and zero coverage. We have to tell them there is nothing we can do,” Goldberg said.

He urges drivers to increase their uninsured driver coverage to insure their own safety.

Critics of the bill say increased medical costs will keep rates high. They also predict more cars hitting the roads as the population grows, and that means more accidents.

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The revolution absolutely underway within healthcare might have us considering X-rays exactly the same way good of apple iphones (GE)

Flannery Headshot
GENERAL ELECTRIC Healthcare TOP DOG John Flannery. Politeness GE

Software is becoming more and more important in the wonderful world of healthcare.

GENERAL ELECTRIC Healthcare TOP DOG John Flannery told Company Insider that will before long we all even may start to consider medical products — such as MRI or even X-ray devices — exactly the same way good about our own smartphones. Which is, the bodily device may be less essential than the actual software within the phone can perform.

“If you believe of your apple iphone, its power is essentially more than just the telephone and the digital camera, ” Flannery said. Yet at the same time, he or she said, they have so much more than the device that will takes images and covers phone calls. “It’;s all the other stuff that you’;re able to do due to the combination of the particular hardware plus software. And i believe you’;ll see exactly the same thing in our company. ”

GENERAL ELECTRIC Healthcare is most likely best known for the hardware — its image resolution machines pertaining to MRI examinations and ultrasounds — yet over the past couple of years the company made a drive toward digitization. Flannery stated the company invested about dollar 1 billion dollars a year upon launching brand new hardware. “We’;re always likely to invest seriously in the equipment because you need to be competitive and obtain an edge upon that, inch he stated.

But simultaneously, he’;s moving his interest more towards what that will hardware will be able to tell you whenever paired along with software. For instance , if a good imaging gadget can keep track of a person’;s growth and figure out the rate from which a growth is growing, that will information can result in better healthcare outcomes.

Regarding whether software program will become the primary focus, Flannery isn’;t certain. “I believe it’;s not going to end up being an either-or thing, inch Flannery informed Business Insider. “We certainly think you will have a growing part in significance and criticality of the electronic side of things. inch

It’;s a various take through Vijay Pande, a general companion at Andreessen Horowitz, who else told Company Insider which he thought software program could be the long term of health care, replacing “hardware” (pills, healthcare devices, and so forth ) along with software that delivers more precious information plus outcomes compared to hardware.

GENERAL ELECTRIC Healthcare uses about 5, 000 software program engineers, or even 10% associated with GE Healthcare’;s total work. That number will be expected to dual over the following several years.

The particular hiring hard work is component of this wider plan, along with GE Health care planning to make investments $ 5 hundred million within software plus software technicians in 2018.

Sc Teen Nabbed at Airport terminal Charged Along with Trying to Sign up for ISIS

A Sc teenager continues to be charged along with trying to journey overseas to participate ISIS.

Zakaryia Abdin, eighteen, of Ladson, was imprisoned Thursday evening at the Charleston airport plus appeared within federal courtroom Friday. He is charged along with attempting to offer material assistance to ISIS; there’;s no recommendation in the general public court documents associated with any story to carry out assaults in the Oughout. S.

A lawyer for Abdin did not instantly respond to the request for opinion.

Image: Mug shot of Zakaryia Abdin.
Cup shot associated with Zakaryia Abdin.