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This week’;s tip comes from a fraud investigator on a particular investigation unit, and what this investigator indicated, is that businesses that have surveillance cameras throughout their business (of program, except for the bathroom) are finding that it really is a wonderful deterrent towards claims from an employee or from a buyer.

But also, it really is quite essential to note, that you want to make certain, as an proprietor, you are the a single concerned in erasing or deleting these tapes. What the fraud investigator is obtaining is that many claims are currently being reported Right after  these tapes are becoming erased.

So in summary, the key is to make confident that YOU are involved in deleting / erasing these tapes. Do not inform or have your worker get concerned with that. 

Having surveillance video cameras is wonderful for deterring claims, and if you can, you either want to keep people tapes for quite a even though, or you want to store them on an outdoors server, or the “cloud”.

If you have any suggestions for me that I can pass on to my customers, please allow me know!

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