Amid insistance that firms aren’t men and women, celebration ensues following one man gets run out of Mozilla

**Written by Doug Powers

Former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich has resigned (“forced to resign” may possibly be a far better way to place it). Why? Some people had been angry right after it was discovered that in 2008 Eich donated $ 1,000 to help California’s Prop 8 in favor of standard marriage. All around the same time Eich minimize a check to support Prop 8, a lot of of the folks who had been this week calling for Eich’s head were energetically campaigning for Barack Obama, who back then held the exact same see on the concern as Eich.

This is from Mozilla’s explanation about why they not only accepted Eich’s resignation, but far more than likely have been very good ample to compose it for him:

Mozilla believes both in equality and freedom of speech. Equality is needed for meaningful speech. And you require free speech to fight for equality. Figuring out how to stand for the 2 at the same time can be hard.

That is not precisely a Jeffersonian defense of free of charge speech, and it’s not as if Eich was strolling about the workplace every single day handing out pamphlets containing his religious and political views or threatening the jobs of those who disagreed with him (the latter is apparently the board chair’s obligation).

It’s been asked if atheist CEOs should be forced out if their opinion offends religious staff. The Mozilla “free speech” check would probably carry about the response, “if the religious employees are opposed to gay marriage, then no.”

The genuine Eich dilemma for these whose protest and boycott had a hand in acquiring him run out of Mozilla is this: Eich created JavaScript, which, in spite of Eich’s Prop 8 help 6 many years in the past, is nevertheless in use — on Al Gore’s progressive Internet. OkCupid, the dating web site that played a element in Eich’s exit from Mozilla, runs on JavaScript. Each time a couple hooks up, Brendan Eich will get a dollar. Sleep well, OkCupid!

**Written by Doug Powers

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