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When it comes to social media measurement, there is a whole lot of confusion over what measurement constitutes ‘success’ – and which metrics are just fluff. Raw and simple-to-examine numbers likes ‘Fans’ and ‘Followers’ are all well and good, but relying on them can hide a multitude of sins:

  • Engagement – You may possibly have a great deal of folks following you, but how many of them are actually responding and engaging with you?
  • Relevancy – How many of your followers are actually in your target audience or demographic?
  • Intent – Why did people folks fan/follow you? Acquiring followers can frequently generate vastly inflated numbers which lure you into a false sense of security.
  • Commitment – How many of the individuals following you are also following your direct rivals?

In response to this conundrum, there are a number of measurement benchmarking equipment you can use – one particular of which is our very own TouchScore Device.

Nevertheless, one of the quickest methods to narrow down how valuable your social audience truly are is by means of engagement – and Facebook’s ‘Talking About This‘ number is an straightforward way to uncover out what percentage of your audience is engaged.

Right here at Tamar, we have produced a series of infographics hunting at and comparing brands in different fields. Called the ‘BrandLove‘ series, prior reviews have looked in detail at Sporting Brand names, Fashion Brand names as properly as our annual ‘BrandLove 25′ league table.

For this latest edition of BrandLove, we’ve taken a detailed appear at the country’s greatest Insurance brands. But rather than just ranking them in order of their neighborhood dimension, we’ve employed their Facebook ‘Talking About This’ number to perform out what percentage of their complete audience is most likely to be engaged with them – and we have seen some surprising outcomes.


Whilst a whole lot of the ‘big boys’ see reasonably excellent engagement amounts, the prime spots are filled with smaller sized (frequently more niche) brands.

Obviously all the metrics utilised for this analysis are snap-shots – the ‘Talking About This’ variety for instance modifications on a everyday basis. But as an indication of how effectively these brands are performing, the final results reflect their long-phrase engagement rather accurately.

Obtaining worked with a plethora of finance brand names in excess of the years, we at Tamar know all as well properly that making conversation close to the subject of insurance is a difficult challenge for finance brand names – but as this infographic clearly demonstrates, some of them appear to have cracked the code quite well. Assess the engagement ranges for a brand like MCE or Bennetts to global brands like Coca Cola and you will see that they are obviously generating quite great methods for their clients to engage with them.

What do you believe – is it achievable for insurance coverage brands to engage with their customers in meaningful techniques? Let us know in the feedback.


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