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Wow – I knew the numbers have been low, but even I didn’t anticipate them to be this low.  Explains why both the administration and the media have totally ignored this newest research that points to the entire Obamacare premise as currently being an absolute disaster and hoax perpetrated on the American people at fantastic expense and harm to the healthcare technique.

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…If you apply that math to the RAND figures, you get this: of the individuals who have paid their first month’s premium on the Obamacare exchanges, and are therefore enrolled in coverage, 76 percent were previously insured, and 24 % have been previously uninsured. 

CBO predicted virtually all exchange enrollees would be previously uninsured

What’s crucial to don’;t forget is that this is not how Obamacare was supposed to operate. The Congressional Price range Workplace, in its authentic estimates, predicted that the vast vast majority of the people eligible for subsidies on the exchanges would be previously uninsured folks.

As an alternative, the huge bulk are previously insured people, several of whom are getting a better deal on the exchanges due to the fact they either qualify for subsidies, or since they’re older folks who advantage from the law’s steep price hikes on the youthful.   Hyperlink


So in essence, what this examine does is help a variety of insurance coverage sector insiders who have been saying that Obamacare has done small to Nothing to truly decrease the total rate of uninsured in America.  There never ever was a “healthcare crisis”, in this country.  Barack Obama, other Democrats, and many media figures lied about that over and more than once more.  They played on voters’ emotions, bilked them for trillions of bucks, implemented a Huge Government controlled method that eliminated longstanding well being programs for hundreds of thousands, took away their medical doctors, their hospital, and treatment method choices, and the entire justification for all of that injury was based upon a lie.



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