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I have been waiting to hear back from Medicaid for months, undertaking my best to continue to be uninjured until finally my coverage commences. In the meantime, the following family pursuits are clearly far also dangerous, so if you need a light bulb altered or a glass washed, I am sorry but I’;m unable to aid..

Using a mandoline: From what I have gathered, trips to the emergency area are just a fact of daily life for mandoline end users. My mandoline is a lot far more lower-essential that the infamous finger-slicers, but I will be staying away from it nevertheless.

Altering a lightbulb: Standing on a chair, reaching overhead, fiddling with electrical power? No, thank you. If adequate bulbs burn up out that the chance of darkness-associated injuries increases, we can dress in the headlamps my mother and father got us for Christmas.

Opening cupboard/medication cupboard doors: Does everyone hit their head hard on open cupboard doors, all the time? I will not know how I do it, but door-related head injuries happen regularly and will certainly send me to the doctor sooner or later. The cupboards shall all stay closed until finally even more discover.

Traversing stairs: I have in no way fallen down the stairs — although I have fallen up the stairs — but I dwell in dread. It really is a actually long way to fall, handrails are often inadequate, the stairs are sometimes inexplicably carpeted, and I’;m typically carrying some thing. If I have been to tumble down a flight of stairs and land on the situation of wine I was carrying down the basement, I assume the consequences would be significant and expensive. From now on, I dwell exclusively on the principal floor, basement-relevant duties be damned.

Making use of glassware: I am renowned for my glass-dropping and -breaking skills- it’;s like they just fall out of my hand! At some level I’;m going to cut myself badly both cleaning up the broken glass or stepping on a shard hrs/days later. Travel mug it is, for the foreseeable long term.

Using a fuel stove: I utilized to have an previous-fashioned gasoline stove with an oven that you had to light each time and a single time, unbeknownst to me, it was already filled with gas when I caught a lit match in and a fireball exploded in my face so I shan’;t be undertaking something like that for a while.

Shoveling snow: I’;d like to believe we’;re carried out with snow for the season, but April snow is by no means out of the question all around here. If we do get some Easter fluff, I won’;t be touching it with a 10-foot pole with a shovel connected due to the fact shoveling equals heart attacks, in accordance to this Slate write-up I skimmed.

Mowing the lawn/raking leaves: See above.

(Picture credits: Esthera & Gus’;s “Not In fact A Deathtrap” Bohemian Abode)

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