Harlem insurance company employing photo of deadly fuel explosion to appeal to business

Talk about inexpensive marketing.

An unscrupulous uptown insurance coverage organization that is been close to for practically 50 years is making use of the East Harlem gas explosion that killed 8 people as a tacky income ploy.

Goodrich Insurance Brokerage posted a big sidewalk signal outdoors its workplace at 360 W. 125th St., close to St. Nicholas Ave., showing dramatic images of firefighters extinguishing a blaze following the 2-building collapse on March 12.

“Get Insurance coverage… Before this takes place to you!” screams the eyebrow-raising sign, which 1st surfaced late final month.

For merchants hit hardest by the blast — like Urban Garden Center, which was ruined when debris crashed down on flower pots and a chain-website link fence surrounding the open-air nursey — the grab for focus was notably unpleasant.

“That’s ridiculous,” said Dimitri Gatanas, whose Park Ave. enterprise is even now closed. “It’s insensitive.”

Goodrich Insurance Brokerage Proprietor Franklin Goodrich, proprietor of the 48-12 months-old firm, stated he meant no harm.

They need to place up a signal to tell individuals to donate to the Red Cross or the Mayor’s Fund

“My intentions is just to bring to people’s focus that this can occur to you,” explained Goodrich. “I want people to think, ‘What if that happens to me?’”

Goodrich insisted Thursday he hadn’t obtained complaints about the sign in the 2 weeks since he set up it, and he welcomed anyone who disapproved to get in touch with him.

“I’m here to aid men and women, not harm men and women,” he explained. “If a person is offended, I may well modify it to anything else.”

Gatanas had a suggestion for a new message.

“They must put up a indicator to inform people to donate to the Red Cross or the Mayor’s Fund,” stated Gatanas.


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