Harry Reid warns Paul Ryan budget would create ‘Koch-topia’

**Written by Doug Powers

Each time Harry Reid says “Koch brothers,” in his head he hears “cha-ching!” I imagined, however, that Reid not mentioning the Koch brothers right now would have created a wonderful April Fools joke, but he blew it:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid preemptively slammed the budget proposal Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) will release Tuesday, calling it a document written to pander to the Koch brothers and other billionaires.

“It’s a blueprint for a mode… how would we say this? Koch-topia. Yes, that is it,” Reid explained. “Call it no matter what you want. We may well as effectively call it the Koch spending budget due to the fact that is what they are performing, defending the Koch brothers.”

Hey, I’ll consider a Koch-topia over a Harry-stocracy any time:

**Written by Doug Powers

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