How do you get your neighbors to comprehend the Flood Insurance issue? Easy, allow… – End FEMA …

How do you get your neighbors to recognize the Flood Insurance coverage problem? Easy, allow absolutely everyone know you are the Professional in your neighborhood concerning flood Insurance coverage. How? Buy a “StopFemaNow” lawn indicator and bumper stickers. Location the lawn sign on your residence. Every single neighbor is a nosy neighbor. They will google it. Sooner or later when they acquire their flood insurance coverage bill, they will knock on your door and inquire you about flood insurance coverage.

Also a lot of of us will be in the media. When you tell your story to the media allow them know you are a member of StopFemaNow.The media will publish your lawn indicator in the post. (A image says 1000 words). See the instance of Jeff King and Shelly Varner in this report

We all require to do our part require to reach 15 Million homewners in 22,000 communities all through the country that dwell in a flood zone. Every single and each and every 1 of us Should get the word out.

You can purchase lawn indicators and bumper stickers by clicking on the prime appropriate hand corner of webpage

A river of troubles – Times Leader
Jeff King had put his Wilkes-Barre house up for sale for $ 90,000 final yr, put off by the city’;s struggles with crime and the wish for …

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