Insurance coverage broker for Tina Fey admits fault for $79G employees&#39 insurance error

Dont’; blame Tina.

The insurance broker for former “30 Rock” star Tina Fey accepted the fault for an erroneous $ 79,000 legal judgment that stated the actress failed to shell out for workers’ compensation insurance coverage for her employees.

“We collectively accept full accountability for this clerical error,” stated DeMille Halliburton, vice president of insurance broker Robertson Taylor.

“Tina Fey was never delinquent in having to pay premiums or having the suitable . . . coverage.”

The state Employees Compensation Board filed paperwork final week saying that in between Nov. twenty, 2012 and Feb. 2, 2013, Fey did not shell out the necessary premiums.

Late Monday, a spokeswoman for the board stated Fey’s staff happy Albany that she had coverage given that November and that Fey’s staffers are operating with their carrier to locate the paperwork to prove they had coverage for the yr earlier.

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