Insurance coverage costs unfair, says Niagara trike rider

When motorcycle enthusiast Lawrence Chenard misplaced his leg following currently being struck by a drunk driver, the Fort Erie guy knew it was only a matter of time ahead of he was back on the street.

No longer capable to trip a standard motorbike, Chenard constructed himself a customized-developed 3-wheeler.

For the past 20 many years, he’;s been riding his trike as frequently as he can.

“I have dipped my front end in the east coast of Newfoundland and the east coast of Florida. I love it.”

And, with the cold winter behind us, he was looking forward to receiving his trike back on the street.

“I look forward to this,” he stated. “This is my lifestyle.”

The pre-season verify listing included a contact to his insurance coverage broker the place he was shocked to uncover his insurance coverage had jumped to practically $ 3,000.

“At one stage I was only paying $ 570 and it really is been going up every 12 months for the past number of many years,” he stated. “

“I’;ve in no way had an accident. I’;ve by no means had a claim. This helps make no sense.”

Chenard mentioned Ontario trike operators are getting unfairly penalized as most insurance businesses no longer offer you coverage for custom-manufactured trikes.

“There’;s truly only 1 out there so they can charge what ever they want,” he stated. “Exactly where do I go? What can I do? I can not ride 2 wheels with a single leg.”

Chenard is a member of Brothers of The Third Wheel, an worldwide social club of trike riders that host charity runs and meet-and-greets to raise funds for battered girls and young children.

He’;s heard of other Ontario members who are planning to promote their trikes since they just can’;t afford the insurance coverage costs.

“Everyone’;s getting hit,” he explained.

What angers him is that trike owners in western Canada can pay out as tiny as $ 300 a yr for insurance. Riders in the U.S. can get insurance for all around $ 100.

“It is just not honest,” he mentioned.

The Insurance coverage Bureau of Canada, a nationwide sector association representing Canada’s personal property, vehicle and organization insurers, says any customized-made automobile, no matter whether it be a automobile or a motorcycle, can be a challenge to insure.

“Standard-sort autos would have safety specifications from the producer and if it’;s something that is customized made then any insurer would be rightfully concerned about the security of the automobile and the integrity of the structure,” stated Pete Karageorgos, manager of client and industry relations with the Ontario branch of IBC.

“All automobiles, even motorcycles, undergo safety testing to ensure they meet certain specifications. Customized vehicles would very likely not have gone by means of the exact same kind of rigorous testing.”

Chenard maintains his trike is safetied frequently.

Officials with Chenard’;s insurance business could not be reached for comment.

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