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It appears that every single yr, insurance requirements more and more affect our school worldwide plans in a way that threatens their emphasis on social responsibility and global citizenship. This year, our school cancelled its yearly student journey to Colombia simply because our insurance coverage company would not cover travel to a nation that is on the U.S. State Department’s warning checklist. From the State Division:

Tens of 1000’;s of U.S. citizens securely visit Colombia every single yr for tourism, company, university research, and volunteer work. Protection in Colombia has enhanced significantly in recent many years, including in tourist and company travel destinations such as Bogota and Cartagena, but violence linked to narco-trafficking continues to influence some rural regions and parts of massive cities.

For the insurance organization, this is a blanket rule. If the country is on the warning list, for whatever reason and region, the organization will not insure the school for travel to that nation. From our stage of see, no insurance coverage final results in no journey. This was tough to swallow when we had been traveling to Colombia for many years, in partnership with a neighborhood college, and in a method that maximized student safety. It is not simple to sever the close, private relationships amongst staff members of these schools for these causes.

Presumably, the Hotchkiss suit of 2013 played a role in altering insurance coverage company attitudes towards global student travel. One particular $ 41 million situation very likely had an outsize effect on their practices, and consequently, college travel abroad. On the optimistic side, a company possibility now exists for an insurance coverage business to style travel insurance coverage that considers the nuances within the State Department travel warning record.

I am also seeing these results as I organize the fifth U.S. tour of the Maru-a-Pula Marimba Band. This year, schools have inquired no matter whether Maru-a-Pula College holds worldwide travel insurance. I also had a college theater that we are renting call for liability insurance, to shield the school in case an audience member were injured at our display. It appeared that we might have to cancel the display, right up until we found that the college also provides a a single-time, $ 50 liability insurance coverage obtain choice. I have a tough time comprehending how our $ 50 acquire protects the school from a million dollar lawsuit, but obviously the insurance market is working on its own distinct financial designs. Every trip, it turns into much more onerous for a volunteer this kind of as myself to carry a marvelous student marimba group from Botswana to the U.S.

Twenty years ago, independent college worldwide travel was dominated by language examine and cultural immersion to Spanish and French-speaking countries. Considering that then, most independent colleges have totally transformed their global travel plans, updating their missions for social responsibility and global citizenship. This has resulted in travel to Asian, African, South American, and other destinations. Most locations are chosen due to the fact a school neighborhood member has a personalized connection with the target nation. Will insurance coverage companies adapt to the travel patterns of independent college worldwide applications, or will colleges have to adjust their destinations to stay in line with State Department warnings?

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