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When searching for rings, most jewelers with tell you that the ring will be insured when bought by way of their retailer. I thought that this meant that no matter what occurred to my ring, whether that meant a diamond falling out, dropping it or it obtaining stolen, the jeweler would exchange it. That’s what insurance means right? Nicely, my buddy believed that also.

She got engaged and acquired a huge stunning ring but a couple of months later she took her ring off and place it in her purse ahead of operating out. Following doing work out, she went property and looked by way of her purse to put her ring back on but it wasn’t there. She looked all over the place for her ring and couldn’t find it so she went back to the jewelry shop the place her fiance purchased her ring and talked to them about the insurance coverage policy they had been informed about at the time of the purchase.

They informed her that the policy did NOT cover rings that had been stolen or lost, they only replaced diamonds that had fallen out of  the ring itself and they could do absolutely nothing for her. 2 years later on she is married and even now doesn’t have a ring to put on. On her wedding day she purchased a inexpensive ring from Walmart to dress in for images but does not dress in a single on a day-to-day basis.

So what’s my suggestions for the brides-to-be in purchase to keep away from this catastrophe?

The only way to insure your engagement ring in any circumstance is to take out a policy via your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance coverage. For most insurance firms all you have to do is send them an appraisal of your ring and they will modify your policy to accommodate it. As soon as that is accomplished, if your ring is stolen or lost you can contact your insurance coverage organization, and with a small deductible, get an insurance coverage check out to substitute your ring.

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