Iowa Looking for to Minimize Fatal Crashes on Rural Roads

An hard work to reduce fatal crashes on secondary rural roads has been launched in Iowa.

The Governor’s Site visitors Security Bureau announced the hard work, which started April 1 and continues by means of Sept. 30, 2015.

The system will concentrate on rural secondary roads in Allamakee, Marion, Webster, Fremont and Palo Alto counties. Individuals counties agreed to participate following an evaluation of 10 many years of crash data and seat belt compliance prices.

Participating counties will take a 3-tier approach such as enforcement of site visitors laws, specifically the seat belt law, education about site visitors laws and reduced-value safety improvements in the participating counties.

The safety bureau says 72 percent of fatal crashes in 2012 had been on secondary rural roads. Those roads make up 79 % of Iowa’s total roadways.

Iowa had 317 targeted traffic fatalities in 2013.

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