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  By John Frisby • Mar 29th, 2014 • Group: Civil Liberty, Economics, Ethics, Government Waste, Wellness Care

Mar. 29, 2014

By Ann Coulter

I’ve been thrown off my overall health insurance coverage – THANKS, OBAMACARE! – and have invested hours and hours more than the past month striving to figure out my choices now that the Democrats have created my outdated prepare, which I liked, “illegal.” (I favor to believe of my strategy as “undocumented.”) …

I believed I had figured out the very best prepare for me a month in the past soon after having medical professionals and hospital administrators appear at the packets of material I was sent by my outdated insurance coverage business – the identical mailing that informed me my previous plan was “illegal” under Obamacare.

But when I checked on-line recently, I identified the premier strategy … does not include remedy at any good hospitals.

That’s type of unfortunate simply because That is THE ONLY Purpose I WANT Insurance! That is the only purpose any sane homo sapien desires overall health insurance coverage: to cover well being care expenses in the occasion of some catastrophic sickness or accident – not to spend for Mickey Kaus’ allergy appointments. …

With zero aid from the Obamacare internet site, I sooner or later figured out that there was one particular lone insurance plan that would cover treatment at a reputable hospital. The downside is, no physicians get it.

So my only 2 wellness insurance choices – and yours, also, as quickly as the waivers expire, America! – are: (1) a strategy that no physicians take or (2) a plan that no hospitals take. You either spend for all your doctor visits and exams yourself, or you pay out for your cancer remedy your self. And you pay out through the nose in both case.

That’s not insurance! It’s a massive transfer of wealth from folks who function for a residing to people who do not, accomplished by forcing the workers to buy insurance that is not insurance coverage. Obamacare has produced actual well being insurance coverage “illegal.”

It’s not “insurance” when what I want to insure against is not covered, but paying out for other people’s wellness care demands – defined broadly – is necessary. (Read the rest.)


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