Manitoba Public Insurance Launches Distracted Driving Media Campaign

Woman Given Ticket in South Windsor for Applying Makeup

Manitoba Public Insurance Launches Distracted Driving Media Campaign

Officials at Manitoba Public Insurance coverage come to feel that the deaths of at least 160 people given that 2005 as a consequence of distracted driving represents too excellent a loss. So they have launched a social media campaign to make drivers more aware of the deadly consequences linked with distracted driving. A representative of MPI reports that 1-4th of all crashes that now happen in and close to Manitoba are the end result of a distracted driver. And cell cellphone utilization has been listed as the quantity 1 point distracting drivers from paying out interest to the road.

Most recent figures present that far more than 600 drivers annually are ticketed by the RCMP for distracted driving. MPI’s new educational campaign, named “The Really do not Text and Drive” campaign, has invited victims of distracted driving to speak to school age college students about the devastation that one particular driver’s thoughtless actions can result in other folks. Shelley Forney is amid people invited to talk. Forney’s 9-yr old bike-riding daughter was killed by a driver as well hectic talking on her telephone to spend consideration prior to striking and killing the lady.

MPI’s campaign is targeting drivers in the 16 to 25 age assortment, people drivers who do not have a lot quite expertise driving a vehicle and but seem to really feel convinced that practically nothing bad is going to take place to them. The campaign also want to aid the public comprehend that distracted driving goes beyond cell cellphone utilization, which carries a $ 200 fine, to also incorporate making use of a GPS system whilst driving, consuming and drinking behind the wheel of a vehicle, studying the newspaper, or even applying make-up or brushing one’s hair whilst seeking in the rear-view mirror. Manitoba drivers at the moment don’t incur demerits on their license for distracted driving expenses, though other Canadian provinces do give demerits which in the long run enhance a driver’s car insurance premiums.

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MPI launches anti-distracted driving campaign

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