Mayor Graham&#39s View: Obama Claims Victory in Push for Insurance –

       President Obama with a beaming Joe Biden behind him ventured out into the Rose Garden yesterday to declare “Armageddon has not arrived” and the Inexpensive Care Act has succeeded. Mr. Obama says million men and women have enrolled for insurance below the controversial law. Of course, the devil is in the particulars and we will not know how several have paid premiums or really had no insurance coverage to start with.
       Republicans instantly attacked, but reaching the target amount did give the President and Democrats some thing to talk about.
        For the GOP, who probably will win the mid-phrase elections this yr the notion Obamacare is not abject failure poses a challenge. The mantra  “repeal Obamacare” rings significantly less real when it clearly will not be repealed as lengthy as the President holds the veto pen and the public, even though wary of Obamacare, likes elements of it and wants an option not however articulated.

        That level of detail is off limits now as candidates are running in primaries, but even people voters might want more meat on the bone than the debate has generated so far.
        I am a design over substance man or woman, but even I would like a number of details on what the substitute alternatives are.
Obama Claims Victory in Push for Insurance –

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