Motor insurance coverage in 32 states, underneath scrutiny: MOTOR Insurance Report 2013 was launched these days

Motor insurance coverage in 32 states, below scrutiny: MOTOR Insurance Report 2013 was launched these days

Today, April 7, in the course of the International Insurance Forum 2014 – “MOTOR Insurance – the road towards profitability”, the second problem of MOTOR Insurance coverage Report was officially launched. The magazine contains economic data for 32 countries in CEE, SEE and CIS, up to date for 2013.

Hence, MOTOR Insurance coverage Report delivers to IIF 2014 participants the opportunity to be the very first readers of a specialized publication that covers a broad assortment of info concerning the motor insurance segment, as nicely as particulars regarding associated domains: the economic scenario of the markets analyzed in the report, statistics with regards to the nationwide vehicle parks and roads, the frequency and main causes of motor accidents, as properly as insurance underwritings, paid claims and the major concerns of the motor insurance section for every country analyzed in the report.

At the exact same time, the magazine cover themes such as comparing insurance coverage tariffs for numerous European countries – on the Motor Hull segment as nicely as MTPL section -, the future of “Shell out as you drive” method or the European legislation difficulty – which does not provide a legal frame for comparison internet sites.

Last but not least, in an exclusive interview, Mariusz WICHTOWSKI, President, Council of Bureaux, analyzes the Green Card method, as properly as the European insurance sector.

Click right here to order MOTOR Insurance Report FY2013.

Writer: Vlad BOLDIJAR on 07.04.2014

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