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The No-fault law in New York State took result on February 1, 1974.  No-fault merely implies that in the event of an auto accident with personalized injuries, the insurance firm does not care who’s at fault.  Your automobile policy will shell out all your injuries, the owner of the other auto’s policy will spend for all their injuries, regardless of fault.

Lawmakers wished to make confident that persons injured in an accident would acquire prompt healthcare therapy and earnings substitute with out having to file a lawsuit.  Prior to the No-fault Law, the regular time to gather on an injury declare was 16 months.

The no-fault law performs great for Car claims.  Each policyholder in NYS has a minimal $ 50,000 combined restrict of coverage.  This amount can be elevated up to $ 25,000 by endorsement, and will spend for medical costs, loss of earnings and any other bills incurred, like transportation to and from Doctor visits, housekeeping, and so forth.

A query that comes up often, especially at this time of yr, is “Does the New York no-fault law apply to motorcycles?”  The solution is tough.  No-fault coverage is required for motorcycles, but it only applies to injured pedestrians.  Occupants of a motorcycle are not eligible to get no fault benefits.  Most motorbike policies, nonetheless, will offer Health care Payments coverage.  This coverage will spend for injuries to a individual riding the motorbike.   There is no deductible and this coverage will help cover health care relevant costs you incur in the occasion of a motorbike accident.  The restrict of coverage is generally written for $ one,000 to $ 5,000, but some Businesses will compose increased coverage.  As often, verify with your Independent Insurance coverage Agent for any concerns you may have regards this, or any of your insurance requirements.

Kevin Connors is a Certified Insurance coverage Counselor and licensed Residence/Casualty and Life Insurance Agent with The Connors Insurance coverage Agency in Mechanicville, NY.  Mr. Connors can be reached at (518)664-7307 or

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