NYS Comp Board, Comic Tina Fey’s Reps Clear Up Workers’ Comp Concern

The New York State Workers’ Compensation Board had filed a $ 79,000 judgment against comic Tina Fey on March twenty for an alleged “failure to carry workers’ comp ins.,” for a period from Nov. 20, 2012, to Feb. 02, 2014, according to court filings. But the Workers’ Compensation Board says it is turned out to be a “paperwork issue” and that the Board is working with the carrier and Fey’s representatives to resolve the concern.

Fey’s representatives right away reached out and “we are operating with each other to show that she had coverage for the entire time period from Nov. 20, 2012, to Feb. 2, 2014,” a Workers’ Compensation Board spokeswoman stated. “It looks like a clerical error.” The Workers’ Compensation Board’s judgment filing does not detail what kind of staff were covered beneath the workers’ comp policy.

By the end of business day Monday, March 31, Fey’s representatives have been capable to uncover coverage with their carrier, Travelers, for a period from Nov. 20, 2013, to present, and they are doing work to show that she had insurance coverage for the other intervals as nicely, in accordance to the Workers’ Compensation Board. “So far, the penalty’s previously gone down due to the fact they are doing work on it. We truly feel extremely confident that we are working collectively to clear up this matter,” the spokeswoman mentioned.

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