Piers Morgan ends final CNN system with demonstration of why his present received canceled

**Written by Doug Powers

Final month it was realized that Piers Morgan’s show on CNN would be canceled. As it turned out, inferring that hundreds of thousands of law-abiding private gun owners in America are complicit in murder on a nightly basis wasn’t good for ratings. Go figure.

Morgan went out in predictable fashion, by bashing the entity that in Piers’ mind is responsible for the proliferation of gun violence. No, not Leland Yee — but rather the NRA:

Word is that CNN has currently dismantled Morgan’s anti-gun soap box and utilized the materials to construct into a flight simulator for their 25-hour-a-day coverage of the missing Malaysia Airlines 777.

I do enjoy Morgan for one issue: In 2012 he contributed to one of the funniest Twitter exchanges ever by taking part in the victim in an epic pwning:

**Written by Doug Powers

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