Pollard Motivated Much more by Cash Than Israel Allegiance, Investigator Says

The Pentagon lawyer who assessed the damage to U.S. national safety after Jonathan Pollard’s spying arrest virtually thirty many years in the past says the former Navy intelligence officer was motivated by income as significantly as an allegiance to Israel, noting that he offered very classified supplies to at least 3 other countries and presented this kind of materials to 2 of them.

Pollard is broadly deemed a nationwide hero in Israel for his espionage against the Jewish state’s strongest ally. That is the reason he reportedly is currently being utilized as a bargaining chip in an effort to restart stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.

But Marion “Spike” Bowman informed NBC Information in an exclusive interview that Pollard was considerably much more concerned with his compensation than is commonly portrayed.

“He often wanted income,” Bowman, who served as Pentagon liaison officer to the FBI at the time of Pollard’s arrest and coordinated the investigation of the extent of Pollard’s spying, advised NBC Information. “At one stage, he argued with his Israeli handler about a $ 1,000 a month increase, citing the chances he was taking.”

Bowman stated Pollard acquired an estimated $ 50,000 from his Israeli handler during his 2 yr occupation as a spy.

“(He) was effectively-compensated – demanded it,” he stated.

Particular to NBC Information

Marion “Spike” Bowman.

Pollard also decided to maximize his revenue after he began feeding info to Israel in 1984, providing his companies elsewhere, Bowman stated. He contacted the intelligence services of 3 other nations: Pakistan, South Africa — then under apartheid rule — and even Australia, one particular of the U.S. closest allies, and provided classified documents he had entry to through his work as an analyst for the Naval Intelligence Command, Bowman stated.

“He even disclosed classified details to a South African defense attaché,” even though he did not get paid for it, stated Bowman, who also served as deputy basic counsel for nationwide security law at the FBI and as deputy director of the U.S. Workplace of the Nationwide Counterintelligence Executive in the course of a long job in government. He also handed over a classified document to the Australian he contacted, he mentioned.

Bowman also said that Pollard hoped to parlay his Israeli connections into a new occupation as an arms dealer.

Sensitive paperwork amid these disclosed

According to U.S. officials, Pollard presented the Israelis with a huge shop of classified paperwork – ample to fill a 10-foot-by-6-foot-by-6 foot space, by Pollard’s estimation. That material presumably was all classified “top secret” or greater, since the Israelis advised Pollard they currently had access to much less sensitive “secret” material by way of other means, Bowman stated.

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Bowman mentioned Pollard provided 2 documents to the Israelis that had been specifically delicate:

  • The best secret Radio Signal Notations Guide (recognized by the acronym RAISIN), which listed the bodily parameters of each acknowledged electronic signal, described how the U.S. collected such signals all around the planet, and listed all the recognized communications backlinks then used by the Soviet Union.

“Pollard alleged at sentencing that there actually was no harm completed to the U.S.,” recalled Bowman. “The judge interrupted and brought him up brief, pointing especially to disclosure of the RAISIN manual. He was silent after that.”

  • Day-to-day reviews from the Navy’s 6th Fleet Ocean Surveillance Data Facility (FOSIF) in Rota, Spain. These best-secret paperwork had been filed every single morning and reporting all action in the Middle East in the course of the previous 24 hrs. “FOSIF was a essential document,” mentioned Bowman, noting that when Pollard failed to give several days’; really worth of reports, his Israeli handlers “complained about the reduction.”

Israel’;s wants have been not limited to its protection issues, both. “One further disclosure is of merit: Pollard disclosed information to the Israelis that could avoid the U.S. from monitoring Israeli routines in the Middle East – obviously a foreign policy nightmare,” Bowman stated.

Nor did U.S. officials feel that the details leak stopped in Israel.

In accordance to one former official, who spoke with NBC Information on situation of anonymity, the intelligence community feared that Israel was trading intelligence it received from Pollard to Moscow in an work to win the freedom of imprisoned Soviet Jews.

And Bowman mentioned that Pollard also indirectly offered South Africa with an intelligence coup. In accordance to Bowman, Pollard offered Israel with documents detailing what the U.S. knew about the secret strategic relationship between Israel and the apartheid regime in Pretoria. For the duration of the 1970s and 1980s, Israel supplied South Africa with arms, exchanged nuclear materials and helped South Africa with its ballistic missile program, in accordance to U.S. intelligence officials and participants in the exchange. The intelligence presumably identified its way to Pretoria as effectively, letting leaders there understand the extent of what the U.S. knew about the Israel-South Africa romantic relationship, he explained.

The complete extent of the details Pollard passed to Israel has never been created public. Even though Pollard spoke with investigators about his spying after pleading guilty in 1986 to one particular count of conspiracy to provide national defense info to a foreign government, Bowman stated he is not persuaded that the spy told them everything.

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As a consequence, the U.S. “may in no way know the full extent of the damage done” by Pollard, he mentioned.

Whilst some senior U.S. officials have endorsed Pollard’s release in a bid to salvage U.S.-sponsored Middle East peace talks that reportedly are on the verge of collapse, Bowman is not amongst them.

In an op-ed piece for the New York Instances in January, Bowman wrote that “Mr. Pollard’s apologists portray him as a kind of dual patriot: loyal to the United States, but also motivated to aid Israel. In truth, he was largely a venal and selfish individual who sought to get wealthy.”

“My concern about Pollard’;s release is that it not be for the incorrect factors,” he informed NBC Information on Wednesday. “Even (although) men and women like (former CIA Director) Jim Woolsey argue for his release on ‘fairness’; grounds, it entirely obscures the damage that Pollard, uniquely, did.”

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Initial published April 2 2014, 1:45 PM

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