Self-insured Miami Co. pinched by well being insurance claims

PERU — Miami County officials say they might have to take drastic measures to curb paying on workers overall health care that final year guzzled more than $ 2.3 million in taxpayer dollars.

The county is self-insured, that means it pays for all fees associated with delivering wellness care for staff.

Mary Brown, chief deputy auditor and chairperson of the county’s insurance committee, mentioned the county currently has shelled out all around $ 700,000 this year for insurance coverage claims and other wellness care-relevant expenditures.

That implies practically half of the $ one.5 million the county budgeted this year for well being care expenses is already invested.

And that $ one.5 million set aside for insurance coverage? That’s much more than twenty percent of the county’s complete common fund spending budget.

“It’s a large problem,” Brown explained. “I think it’s greater than most folks understand — even our personal workers. It is scary.”

She said the county can not afford to shell out out so a lot for well being care, and the excess paying could impede funding for other county tasks.

As well assist ease the expense, the county’s insurance coverage committee has advised raising workers’ insurance coverage premiums, which for a single worker comes out to close to $ 53 a month, Brown mentioned.

The committee has also encouraged workers to use the Health and Wellness Clinic by means of Novia CareClinics, which the county pays an access charge to use and gives cost-free checkups for employees.

But Brown mentioned that most likely won’t be ample to pull the county out of the downward spiral that’s left the well being fund budget $ 800,000 in the red this year.

“The worst, worst, worst case scenario is none of us have well being care and we’ll have to go the exchange,” she explained. “But no person wants that. That’s why we’re attempting to brainstorm and come up with approaches to avoid that.”

Miami County Commissioner Larry West mentioned the skyrocketing value of well being coverage for county employees is a significant concern, and officials will work to fix the dilemma.

“One issue is apparent: Something has to adjust,” he mentioned. “We do not know what it is but. Committees are operating to come up with ideas. But some thing has to modify.”

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