Tax dodger Charles Rangel now dodging rent Taxpayers to the rescue

**Written by Doug Powers

Censured tax dodger Charles Rangel, who after in a match of projection accused Mitt Romney of not paying his fair share in taxes, has been caught channeling his inner Jimmy McMillan. Apparently the lease is also damn substantial.

From the New York Post by means of American Thinker:

State taxpayers were stiffed out of at least $ 87,000 when Rep. Charles Rangel stopped having to pay for the district office he rents in Harlem’s Adam Clayton Powell Jr. State Workplace Building, data ­obtained by The Publish present.

His staffers’ excuse? They lost the lease, in accordance to state Workplace of Basic Companies correspondence.

“I ultimately heard back from Congressman Rangel’s office and it seems we haven’t gotten the signed lease back since they lost it!” OGS real-estate professional Sydney Allen wrote in a July 30, 2013, e-mail to a colleague that was ­obtained by The Submit.

Rangel paid $ 6,253 in monthly rent on the 125th Street workplace he has rented since 2000, expense reviews from 2012 show. But the payments stopped for all of 2013.

The state stepped in and had taxpayers pick up the unpaid tab — just like they would if you or I didn’t spend our rent, appropriate?

Naturally this is all the fault of those darn Republicans:

When The Publish final week inquired about the 12 months of missing rent, Rangel’s office and OGS blamed federal sequestration, not the lost lease referenced in company correspondence.

“As everybody knows, the GOP sequester not only constrained our nation’s economy, but also strained the spending budget of congressional offices,” mentioned Rangel spokeswoman Hannah Kim.

Join us up coming week for one more episode of the continuing series, “Tales from the Undrained Swamp.”

**Written by Doug Powers

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