Unemployment Insurance Extension Advances to Last Passage in Senate

(WASHINGTON) — The Senate voted to advance a measure Thursday which would reauthorize benefits for the long-term unemployed for 5 months.

The Senate voted 61-35 to approve a short-term extension of unemployment insurance coverage.  The measure is now attached as an amendment to the Defending Volunteer Firefighters and Emergency Responders Act. Final passage is anticipated to happen on Monday.

Final month, a bipartisan group of senators struck a deal to offer advantages for 2 million Americans for 5 months, starting up with retroactive payments dating back to Dec. 28.

The proposal is paid for with a blend of offsets, which includes extending “pensions smoothing” provisions integrated in the 2012 highway bill, and by extending customs users charges by way of 2024.  The bill also includes an offset which would enable single-employer pension programs to prepay flat rate premiums. Moreover, the bill would end unemployment insurance payments to individuals who produced $ one million or more in the prior year.

The measure is anticipated to pass on Monday, but it faces an uncertain fate in the Residence of Representatives.  Residence Speaker John Boehner has not committed to moving the measure forward.

“I manufactured clear that if we’;re going to contemplate dealing with unemployment — emergency unemployment, we ought to do one thing about producing better jobs in America, higher wages in America,” Boehner stated final month. “The Senate is sitting on dozens of payments that we have sent in excess of there.”

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