Wellness insurance applications surging

February was by far the busiest month for the sixteen licensed navigators working at IU Overall health Bloomington Person Solutions’ areas in Bloomington, IU Health Morgan Hospital, IU Health Bedford Hospital and IU Wellness Paoli Hospital.

For the duration of that month, the navigators assisted 888 individuals apply for wellness insurance or rewards — 630 signed up for the Healthier Indiana Strategy 129 bought health insurance programs on the Indiana insurance marketplace 86 certified for Medicaid 37 competent for Hoosier Healthwise and 6 went to other plans. The 888 total is an 86 percent increase in excess of the subsequent busiest month — January.

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kAm“x E9:?< >@DE @6 E96 A6@A=6 H9@’G6 366? 4@>:?8 E@ E96 ?2G:82E@CD 7@C 96=A 2C6 A6@A=6 H9@ C625 E96 ?6HDA2A6C 2?5 =:DE6? E@ E96 ?6HD[” D96 D2:5] “}@H[ H6 92G6 E@ C6249 E9@D6 H9@ 5@?’E 5@ 6:E96C]”k^Am
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kAm“x? x?5:2?2[ H:E9 @?=J p?E96> 2?5 |sH:D6 E@ A:4< 7C@>[ E96C6 2C6?’E 2D >2?J G:23=6 @AE:@?D 2D E96C6 2C6 😕 D@>6 DE2E6D[” D2:5 #@? #6>2<[ 6:?2?4:2= 25G:D@C H:E9 q:== r] qC@H? pDD@4:2E6D 😕 q=@@>:?8E@?] “(6’G6 366? 23=6 E@ 96=A D@>6 A6@A=6 D64FC6 4@G6C286[ 3FE >2?J @E96CD — @?46 E96J D66 E96 @AE:@?D 2G2:=23=6 @? E96 >2C<6EA=246 2?5 D66 E92E E96 AC6>:F>D 2C6 9:896C E92? H92E E96J’5 2?E:4:A2E65 — 2C6 ?@E E92E 6?E9FD65 23@FE E9@D6 @AE:@?D]”k^Am
kAm%9@D6 H9@ 6?C@== 😕 2 >2C<6EA=246 A=2? 2?5 92G6 2 9@FD69@=5 :?4@>6 @7 FA E@ c__ A6C46?E @6 E96 7656C2= A@G6CEJ =6G6= — Scd[he_ 6@C 2? :?5:G:5F2=[ Sea[_c_ 7@C 2 >2CC:65 4@FA=6 2?5 Shc[a__ 6@C 2 72>:=J @7 6@FC 😕 a_`b — >2J BF2=:7J 6@C E2I DF3D:5:6D E92E H:== C65F46 E96:C AC6>:F>D] $ @>6 42? 2=D@ 36 6=:8:3=6 7@C 2 D64@?5 EJA6 @6 DF3D:5J E92E H:== C65F46 E96 2>@F?E E96J @H6 😕 4@A2J>6?ED[ 565F4E:3=6D 2?5 @E96C @FE@7A@4<6E 6IA6?D6D[ 3FE E@ BF2=:7J 6@C E9:D DF3D:5J[ E96J >FDE 3FJ 2 D:=G6C A=2? 2?5 >FDE 92G6 2? :?4@>6 ?@ >@C6 E92? ad_ A6C46?E @6 E96 7656C2= A@G6CEJ =6G6= — Sag[fad 6@C 2? :?5:G:5F2= 2?5 Sdg[gfd 7@C 2 72>:=J @7 7@FC 😕 a_`b]k^Am
kAm#6>2< D2:5 >2?J @7 9:D 4=:6?ED D2J E96J’C6 5:D2AA@:?E65 😕 E96 ?2CC@H AC@G:56C ?6EH@C<D 6@F?5 😕 E96 >2C<6EA=246 A=2?D] %9@D6 3FJ:?8 p?E96> A=2?D @? E96 >2C<6EA=246[ 7@C 6I2>A=6[ H@F=5 92G6 E@ A2J @FE@7?6EH@C< C2E6D 6@C ?@?>6C86?4J >65:42= D6CG:46D 2E x& w62=E9 q=@@>:?8E@? w@DA:E2=[ #:=6J w@DA:E2= 6@C r9:=5C6? 2E x& w62=E9[ x& w62=E9 |6E9@5:DE w@DA:E2= 2?5 x& $ :>@? r2?46C r6?E6C]k^Am
kAm“%96 p?E96> :DDF6 😀 9F86[” #6>2< D2:5] “!6@A=6 2FE@>2E:42==J E9@F89E E92E 3642FD6 p?E96> 92D DF49 2 DEC@?8 AC6D6?46 😕 E96 4@>>F?:EJ E92E :ED A=2?D H@F=5 :?4=F56 x& w62=E9] (96? E96J 7:?5 @FE E92E’D ?@E E96 42D6[ E96J’C6 G6CJ 5:D2AA@:?E65]”k^Am
kAm(@@=6CJ 😀 A2CE @7 E96 p77@C523=6 r2C6 p4E r@>>:EE66[ 2 q=@@>:?8E@?D65 8C@FA >256 FA @6 C6AC6D6?E2E:G6D 7C@> E96 4:EJ[ x?5:G:5F2= $ @=FE:@?D[ ‘@=F?E66CD 😕 |65:4:?6[ &?:E65 (2J @7 |@?C@6 r@F?EJ[ |@?C@6 r@F?EJ w62=E9 s6A2CE>6?E[ prp ‘@=F?E66CD @7 |@?C@6 r@F?EJ 2?5 @E96CD — A=FD r9C:D $ 49C256C[ AC6D:56?E @6 $ 49C256C 2?5 pDD@4:2E6D[ H9@ 8:G6D 2? FA52E6 C6A@CE 2E E96 4@>>:EE66’D >@?E9=J >66E:?8D]k^Am
kAm(@@=6CJ D2:5 E96 4@>>:EE66[ H9:49 😀 96=A:?8 A6@A=6 F?56CDE2?5 E96 prp[ 2AAC64:2E6D E96 4@>>F?:EJ @FEC6249 677@CED @7 E96 prp ‘@=F?E66CD @7 |@?C@6 r@F?EJ — H9:49 92G6 :?4=F565 2 ?F>36C @6 65F42E:@?2= 2?5 D:8?FA 6G6?ED — 3FE 2=D@ 766=D :E’D ?@H E:>6 E@ C6249 @FE E@ E9@D6 H9@ >2J ?@E 36 2H2C6 @6 DF49 6G6?ED[ @C 42?’E 2EE6?5 5F6 E@ EC2?DA@CE2E:@? 492==6?86D]k^Am
kAm“%96 4@>>:EE66 H2?ED E@ 6@C> A2CE?6CD9:AD H:E9 D@4:2= D6CG:46 286?4:6D 😕 E@H? E92E H:== 2==@H FD E@ C6249 A6@A=6 H9@ 8@ E@ E9@D6 286?4:6D[” (@@=6CJ D2:5] “%9:D DAC:?8[ >2J36 H6 42? 86E 2? x& 8C25 DEF56?E E@ 8@ E@ E96 D@4:2= D6CG:46 286?4:6D 2?5 DFCG6J E96 4=:6?ED[ 2D<:?8 E96> :6 E96J 92G6 962=E9 :?DFC2?46 2?5 :7 ?@E[ H9J ?@E] %92E H2J H6 42? E2C86E E9@D6 H9@ >2J ?@E <?@H 23@FE E96 >2C<6EA=246 2?5 96=A 86E E96> 6?C@==65]”k^Am

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