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Posted by Jack Howser on Thursday, April 3rd, 2014 @ 11:46 am.

HARDIN CO., Ill.—2 weeks right after the discovery of Chrissy Williams’ SUV, and subsequently the presence of her entire body within, the automobile has now been turned above to the organization that held the insurance coverage on it.

The second Williams’ SUV was eliminated from the riverside and taken by way of Rosiclare, 2 weeks ago this evening. Williams’ physique, it was later discovered, was in the backseat, consequently the tarp covering it.

Disclosure confirmed the circumstance last evening right after reports came in out of Hardin County that a wrecker had been referred to as for the red Ford Escape, and that Highway 146, the place sits the area that the SUV was becoming held for processing (at the salvage yard operated by Sheriff JT Fricker’s dad, Jerry Fricker), was being closed temporarily yesterday so the wrecker could get out with the truck safely.

There was a lot created of the contact for road clearance yesterday, as most of it went out over the scanner, and fire trucks have been named in in order to block the road tensions remain higher following the discovery of Williams, manufactured 3 and a half months following she was first known to have gone missing (final witnessed on December 2, 2013).

Even so, in accordance to Hardin County officials, it was just the turning in excess of of the motor vehicle to the insurance coverage organization, which is routinely accomplished in these circumstance.

Now, what has gone on in excess of the previous 2 weeks with the motor vehicle stays a matter of the ongoing investigation…and officials are not talking about that. Doubtless, although, the vehicle has possibly been gone above extensively by Illinois State Police crime scene technicians, as ISP is now in charge of the investigation into Williams’ death.

Much more as we get it carry on to examine back frequently.

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