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Insurance Servicing Associate

compensation: Market Competitive/DOE
employment type: full-time

Default Insurance Servicing Associate

Our Special Assets team is growing and we are looking for an analytical servicing associate with a background in auto insurance. In this role, you will process short insurance transactions on member accounts and work with insurance claims. Having firsthand knowledge of auto, mechanical breakdown & guaranteed auto protection insurance will help you in this role. If this sounds like you, apply now!

Here’;s what you can expect from the job and what you need to be successful:

Job duties

  • Service our members in challenging times on their short-insurance total loss and GAP Insurance payouts
  • Address member questions, issues, and concerns
  • Coordinate resolution of past due accounts by arranging for payment, repossession, etc.
  • Research, compile, maintain, and manage data related to collection efforts
  • Contact customers to resolve billing issues

Essential skills

  • Minimum 1-3 years’; experience with insurance documents and process, auto insurance experience preferred
  • Knowledge of Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) and Mechanical Breakdown Insurance needed
  • Bilingual Spanish Speaking preferred
  • Demonstrated ability to develop process design documents and procedure
  • Possesses exceptional communication / interpersonal, analytical, and problem solving skills
  • Ability to identify risk and provide recommendations to mitigate loss
  • Strong time management and prioritizing task skills
  • Ability to read and interpret credit bureau reports
  • General understanding of loan contracts including APR, simple interest calculations and default provisions
  • In addition to standard financial institution regulation requirements, demonstrated understanding of the FCRA, SCRA, and FDCPA also needed

Location: Beaverton, OR 97003

If you’;ve got the vision and the drive, a First Tech Federal Credit Union career can bring great benefits, paid time off and the tools to learn and grow personally and professionally.

Apply now

First Tech Federal Credit Union is an Equal Opportunity Employer/AA.
  • Principals only. Recruiters, please don’;t contact this job poster.
  • do NOT contact us with unsolicited services or offers

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Sick 'black widow' murder plot saw female MS-13 gangsters force woman into marriage then kill …

A street gang in El Salvador forced a woman into marriage then killed her husband to collect his life insurance in a sick ‘black widow’; murder plot, police say.

Mobsters from the Mara Salvatrucha gang, also known as MS-13, kidnapped the woman in 2014 and then lured a man into marrying her by claiming she was a US citizen, officers said.

They told the man to take out life insurance, saying it was essential for a US visa, then murdered him after the wedding and forced his widow to cash in the policy.

El Salvador gang MS-13 is accused of kidnapping women, forcing them to marry strangers, killing their husbands and then collecting life insurance (pictured, gang members are arrested)

Gangsters are believed to have netted around $62,000 through the plot. 

The scheme was only uncovered after the woman escaped her captors and informed police, who are now protecting her.

Police have arrested 3 women who are now facing charges of human trafficking and conspiracy to commit homicide and fraud, and could face 20 years in prison.

Hers is not the only case, according to prosecutors, who say they are now protecting a second woman lured into the same trap in 2016.

A policy worth around $30,000 was taken out on her husband, police say, though it is unclear whether it was collected.

Another 2 cases are being investigated over policies worth $15,000 each. 

Violeta Olivares, the head of the prosecutor’;s office for human trafficking, said: ‘It was a very sophisticated, well-planned operation. 

‘We have 2 women who were recruited under the same circumstances, and who were forced through threats, physical and psychological violence and even sexual violence, to marry 2 men whom they didn’;t know.’;

Prosecutors say the first woman was lured into the clutches of the gang when she took what she believed was a house cleaning job from a woman named Esmeralda Aravel Flores Acosta.

When the woman arrived for her first day of work, she was taken inside a Mara Salvatrucha safe house, and told she would not be able to leave. 

Prosecutor Violeta Olivares says gangsters lured in men by saying the women were US citizens, and told them to take out insurance in order to get an American visa Prosecutor Violeta Olivares says gangsters lured in men by saying the women were US citizens, and told them to take out insurance in order to get an American visa

Prosecutor Violeta Olivares says gangsters lured in men by saying the women were US citizens, and told them to take out insurance in order to get an American visa

‘You are going to have to stay here whether you like it or not,’; the house’;s gang occupants told her, according to Olivares. 

‘You are going to marry a stranger, and you’;re going to tell him you have U.S. citizenship.’;

The gang dressed her in white and took her to a town in western El Salvador, where they had her marry a man named Marvin Reyes.

Before the marriage, gang members told Reyes to take out a life insurance policy, saying US immigration wanted to see such a policy before granting him a visa. 

The gang also probably charged Reyes for the ‘privilege’; of marrying a U.S. citizen, but authorities don’;t know how much.

Then, about a month after the wedding, the woman was informed that her husband had met a violent death. 

The gang ordered the ‘widow’; to go to the morgue to claim the body and then go to the insurance office to claim the policy benefits while followed by gang members.

Eventually, the woman managed to flee and contacted police, who raided the house where she had been held and found $4,000 in cash.

Activists say it is difficult to know how many women have been victims of the scam because so many women in El Salvador disappear.

‘Women disappear and they are found days or months later,’; says a report by the nonprofit advocacy group Talk To Me About Respect. 

‘Some have suffered abuse and extreme violence, while in other cases, only their lifeless bodies are found.’; 

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Labor uses HIH insurance collapse to attack Malcolm Turnbull

Labor has raised questions about Malcolm Turnbull’s involvement in “secret payments” in the collapse of the insurance giant HIH as the major party leaders clashed during a brutally contested question time session.

With the opposition mounting a persistent political attack on the Turnbull government’s lack of action to protect penalty rates, the government has countered by attacking the Labor leader, Bill Shorten, over deals he struck with big companies while an official of the Australian Workers’ Union.

Last week, the Turnbull government brought forward legislation to criminalise the practice of making or receiving payments that encourage unions to improperly trade off workers’ rights.

On Wednesday, Labor persisted with its daily penalty rates attack and upped the ante, posing a series of questions in parliament about Turnbull’s role in settling litigation after the collapse of HIH in 2001.

The shadow attorney general, Mark Dreyfus, asked the prime minister to confirm whether he was party “to a secret payment to settle litigation, which alleged he personally breached corporations law in the collapse of HIH – a devastating collapse which saw thousands of Australians left with worthless insurance policies?”

Turnbull responded furiously. “The fact that the member for Isaacs stooped so low shows what a raw nerve we have hit,” the prime minister told the chamber.

The prime minister said he had made no payments, “secret or otherwise”.

Turnbull said Shorten was the one who needed to come clean about payments during his time as a union official and he declared the government was “defending workers, you’re selling them out”.

The prime minister then rounded on Dreyfus for not living in his electorate. “Mr Speaker, let’s be quite clear about this. Let’s be clear about this.

“This queen’s counsel often has the opportunity to explore his own electorate but he certainly doesn’t live there. He doesn’t live there. He observes it objectively from a great distance, Mr Speaker, with an imperial equanimity.”

Senior government ministers also chimed in to defend the prime minister.

The immigration minister, Peter Dutton, said Shorten was a hypocrite.

“We saw the hypocrisy of this leader of the opposition when he was the secretary of the AWU, where he presided over deals, where hundreds of thousands of dollars were paid to his union, to the benefit of the union bosses, without telling workers about it,” Dutton said. “At the same time, he was negotiating away the conditions of those workers.”

The minister for defence industry, Christopher Pyne doubled down on that line of attack, accusing Shorten of selling out workers at Cleanevent.

“These are amongst the lowest paid workers in the country doing one of the toughest jobs in the country,” Pyne said.

“These are the people that turn up after an event at the bachelor and spinsters’ ball in South Australia or the race days and clean up the vomit from the portaloos and empty the toilets and take away the empty beer cans and the plastic mugs and try to put the place back into shape again.

“They’re the lowest-paid workers in the community, doing one of the toughest jobs in the community, and this bloke sold them down the river.”

Before entering politics, Turnbull was at the centre of the collapse of the insurance giant HIH – then Australia’s largest corporate collapse – when he was head of the investment bank Goldman Sachs.

Turnbull advised FAI, an insurance company acquired by HIH in 1998.

The corporate transactions were controversial, and sparked a royal commission, but no adverse findings were made against Turnbull.

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Letter: Blame health insurance industry for problems

Lost in the conversation of the recently-failed Trumpcare vs. the arguably-failing Obamacare is the real culprit behind the inequitable American health care system: the insurance companies. The beauty of this culprit lies in the fact that it’s a villain who defies party lines, who we can all fight together as one big, happy American family. For-profit insurance companies have created an American health care landscape dominated by waste, inefficiency and skyrocketing costs. Despite the Affordable Care Act, there are still more than 20 million uninsured Americans. As a physician-in-training, there is only one patient I will never be able to treat: The one who can’t come see me because he’;s uninsured.

A 2009 Harvard study suggested that the lack of health insurance could be tied to 45,000 deaths annually in the US. We are the only wealthy, industrialized nation that chooses not to insure each and every citizen from cradle to grave. We also have the only health care system financed by a for-profit insurance industry. A 2015 Commonwealth Fund report showed that we spend far more money on health care than 12 other wealthy nations, but that our life expectancy is last and health outcomes are some of the worst among this group. All that money is going into the pockets of shareholders, CEOs and an army of unnecessary administrative staff.

We spend so much and get so little in return because profit, not patient health, is the driving ethic in our healthcare system. The ACA did nothing to alleviate this problem, guaranteeing huge concessions to the insurance industry. House bill 676 proposes an answer: A single-payer, Medicare-for-all system that would spend less and deliver better outcomes, while removing the for-profit insurance industry from the equation. It’s time we demand that our congressmen and women represent our interests, not those of big industry.

Aron Haire, Kingsport

Read or Share this story: http://knoxne.ws/2nzjgY9

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North Queensland home and contents insurance premiums likely to increase in Cyclone Debbie …

Emergency workers begin removing a fallen tree in Mackay. Picture: Nigel Wadsworth/Twitter

A plane flipped at Bowen Airport, Queensland, Wednesday, March 29, 2017. The coastal Queensland town of Bowen has found itself largely intact in the wake of Tropical Cyclone Debbie. (AAP Image/Sarah Motherwell) NO ARCHIVING

Damage at Airlie Beach. Picture: Liam Kidston

Airlie Beach damage. Picture: Liam Kidston

The high tide and storm surge saw Sarina Beach covered in foam.

Trees uprooted and cars damaged during cyclone Debbie at Airlie Beach. Picture: Liam Kidston

Shops on the main street of Airlie were trashed by Cyclone Debbie. Picture: Alix Sweeney

A ship was thrown upon rocks near the Airlie Beach marina during Cyclone Debbie. Picture: Alix Sweeney

A house in Airlie is left with a gaping hole after Cyclone Debbie. Picture: Alix Sweeney

Sarina Beach at Mackay as the storm surge hit during a high tide.

Bowen resident Daniel Halpin watches the final stage of Cyclone Debbie from his deck. Picture: Evan Morgan

Cannonvale Beach being hammered by large swell.

Trees were brought down across streets through Airlie. Picture: Alix Sweeney

Debris litters a street in the Whitsundays after Cyclone Debbie.

Locals check for damage as the eye of Cyclone Debbie passes over Airlie Beach. Picture: Liam Kidston

Branches came down around Airlie Beach’s well-known Down Under Bar Grill. Picture: Alix Sweeney

Quarry Hill rugby ground flooded.

Shops have been trashed on the main street of Airlie during Cyclone Debbie. Picture: Alix Sweeney

Damage at Airlie Beach. Picture: Liam Kidston

A damaged house and powerline in Airlie. Picture: Alix Sweeney

Locals check for damage as the eye of Cyclone Debbie passes over Airlie Beach. Picture: Liam Kidston

Locals Rasa Lackey, Raih Woodley and Jayden Thacknay check for damage as the eye of cyclone Debbie passes over Airlie Beach. Picture: Liam Kidston

A house in Airlie is left with a huge hole and a tree on the roof after Cyclone Debbie. Picture: Alix Sweeney

Cyclone Debbie left this Airlie home with a tree on the roof and a huge hole. Picture: Alix Sweeney

A submerged yacht at Eimeo Creek, near Mackay. Picture: Ange_Nixon/Twitter

A battered cockatoo stands, stripped of feathers, among the snapped branches in Airlie. Picture: Alix Sweeney

The storm surge hitting Mackay. Picture: Daniel Hair/Severe Weather

Cyclone Debbie as seen from the International Space Station before it hit Queensland. Picture: NASA

A “keep left” sign flies down the street after being ripped from its post as the eye of Cyclone Debbie approached Bowen. Picture: Lyndon Mechielsen/The Australian

The Airlie marina as the eye of Cyclone Debbie passes. Picture: Alix Sweeney

Shops have been trashed on the main street of Airlie during Cyclone Debbie. Picture: Alix Sweeney

Trees have been uprooted at Airlie Beach on Tuesday. Picture: AAP/Dan Peled

Before and after: People watch Debbie roll in to Mackay before lashing rain and fierce winds forced them inside. Pic Annette Dew

Storm damage to a hotel at Airlie Beach on Tuesday. Picture: AAP Image/Dan Peled

Increasing wind gusts and water levels as Debbie approached Bowen. Picture: Evan Morgan

A house was destroyed by fire in Vincent overnight as residents took shelter underneath preparing for Cyclone Debbie.

Cyclone Debbie lashed the Whitsunday Coast. Picture: Jac Dizzy/Instagram

A local dashes out to take a quick look at the conditions just after dawn on Tuesday in the main street of Bowen, ahead of Cyclone Debbie making landfall. Picture: Lyndon Mechielsen/The Australian

The main street of Bowen begins to feel the increasing effects of driving rain and strong winds of Tropical Cyclone Debbie Tuesday morning. Picture: Lyndon Mechielsen/The Australian

Broken wires hang from a roof after the powerline was torn out during Cyclone Debbie in Airlie. Picture: Alix Sweeney

Satellite image of Cyclone Debbie as it crosses the coastline of Queensland.

Cyclone Debbie damage in Bowen. Picture: Evan Morgan

Damage at Airlie Beach. Picture: Alix Sweeney

Satellite image of Cyclone Debbie as it crosses the coastline of Queensland.

The storm surge hitting Mackay. Picture: Daniel Hair/Severe Weather

Wind caused by Cyclone Debbie have downed trees, including this palm tree behind a motel at Airlie Beach, Picture: AAP/Dan Peled)

Children in a temporary cyclone shelter in Ayr ahead of Debbie. Picture: AFP/ Peter Parks

Evacuated local Bob Morton takes a look at the weather just after dawn on Tuesday in the main street of Bowen, ahead of Cyclone Debbie making landfall. Picture: Lyndon Mechielsen/The Australian

A broken power line hangs as Cyclone Debbie tears through Airlie. Picture: Alix Sweeney

Not all residents took the advice to stay indoors, including this cyclist in the Mackay city centre. Picture: Annette Dew

Damage at Airlie Beach. Cyclone Debbie made landfall between Bowen and Airlie Beach. Picture: Alix Sweeney

Strong winds and rain lash Airlie Beach ahead of Cyclone Debbie making landfall. Picture: AAP Image/Dan Peled

The force of Cyclone Debbie snapped limbs off this tree in Airlie Beach. Picture: Alix Sweeney

About 25,000 people evacuated Mackay on Monday, before Cyclone Debbie was fully felt. Pictured is the Mackay marina. Picture: Annette Dew

A tree is fallen across a road at Airlie Beach on Tuesday. Picture: AAP/Dan Peled

Winds lash Bowen. Picture: Evan Morgan

Proserpine sugar cane crops are blown by strong winds as Cyclone Debbie approached on Monday. Picture: Liam Kidston

Trees brought down in Mackay. Picture: Annette Dew

Media set up on an otherwise deserted main street of Bowen overnight ahead of Debbie’s arrival. Picture: Lyndon Mechielsen/The Australian

Storm clouds gather in the town of Ayr as Cyclone Debbie approached on Monday. Picture: AFP/ Peter Parks

A tree was brought down in Mackay on Monday by winds as Cyclone Debbied approached. Picture: Annette Dew

Sandbagging in the main street of Airlie Beach in preparation for Cyclone Debbie. Picture: Liam Kidston

Debris litters a Mackay street. Picture: Annette Dew

Cyclone Debbie damage before the system even hit. Picture: Channel 9

Airlie Beach before Cyclone Debbie made landfall. Picture: Alix Sweeney

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John Dubois

Products underwritten by Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company and Affiliated Companies. Not all Nationwide affiliated companies are mutual companies, and not all Nationwide members are insured by a mutual company. Subject to underwriting guidelines, review, and approval. Products and discounts not available to all persons in all states. Nationwide Investment Services Corporation, member FINRA. Home Office: One Nationwide Plaza, Columbus, OH. Securities and Investment Advisory Services offered through Nationwide Securities, LLC, member FINRA, SIPC and a Registered Investment Advisor. DBA Nationwide Advisory Services, LLC in AR, CA, FL, IL, NY, TX and WY. Representative of Nationwide Life Insurance Company, affiliated companies and other companies. Nationwide, the Nationwide N and Eagle, and other marks displayed on this page are service marks of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, unless otherwise disclosed. © 2016 Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company.

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Pennsylvania Homeowners Insurance

Protection for your home and personal property

Your home is probably your most important asset. It not only houses you and your family but also contains many of your memories and possessions. NJM is well-suited to protect your home, as one of the largest homeowners insurance companies in New Jersey.

To obtain coverage, certain membership eligibility criteria and underwriting guidelines must be met.

How Much Coverage Do I Need?

To help determine the appropriate amount of coverage, NJM provides policyholders with an up-to-date cost to rebuild their home.


Customers with both car and homeowners insurance with NJM receive a 15% discount on their homeowners insurance policy premiums.

Customize Your Policy

We offer many endorsements to ensure your Pennsylvania homeowners insurance policy serves your lifestyle and needs.

Conveniently Pay Your Bill

Go green with paperless billing and set up automatic payments from your checking, savings or credit card accounts.

Pennsylvania Homeowners Insurance Coverage Basics

Common Components of a Pennsylvania Homeowners Policy

Most Pennsylvania homeowners policies include:

  • Coverage A: Dwelling – Pays for damages to your house by a covered loss.
  • Coverage B: Other structures – Pays if structures not attached to your house are damaged or destroyed by a covered loss (condo policies excluded this coverage).
  • Coverage C: Personal property – Pays for the items in your house damaged, destroyed or stolen by a covered loss.
  • Coverage D: Loss of use – Pays your additional living expenses if you must temporarily move because damage to your house from a covered loss renders it uninhabitable.
  • Coverage E: Personal liability – Pays to defend you in court against certain lawsuits and provides coverage if you are found legally responsible for someone else’s injury or property damage.
  • Coverage F: Medical payments to others – Pays the medical bills of people hurt on your property. It might also pay for some injuries that happen away from your home, such as your dog biting someone.

Factors that Affect the Cost of your Pennsylvania Homeowners Policy

Some of the information considered when determining the cost of your insurance is:

  • Type of construction – Masonry or noncombustible materials decrease the possibility of severe damage or total destruction in the event of a fire. A home with at least 2 thirds of its exterior wall area constructed of these materials may benefit from a lower premium.
  • Where you live – The different loss experience of the cities and counties throughout the state affects the average cost of a homeowners policy.
  • Coverages, limits and deductible – The more coverage, the higher the limits, and the lower the deductible, the more your insurance will cost.

Coverage for Flood Damage is Excluded from a Pennsylvania Homeowners Policy

Damage to your home and personal property resulting from a flood is not covered by your homeowners policy.

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Manage Your New Jersey Auto Insurance Policy

Check on the status of your policy accounts, conduct routine transactions online — on your schedule — and save a phone call.

Login Register

Policyholders can:

  • Determine billing and payment information
  • Add or delete a vehicle or driver
  • Change deductible or coverages
  • Update addresses or telephone numbers
  • Change vehicle usage
  • Make a payment

When you register for the first time, please have your NJM Insurance Identification Card or Policy Declarations Page handy so you can provide the necessary information to enroll as it appears on your policy records.

If you have any questions, call us at 1-800-232-6600.

Use this reference card as a handy way to keep track of your NJM insurance policy numbers.

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Texas Senate bans some insurance coverage of abortion

The Texas Senate has approved a bill prohibiting coverage of abortion by some health insurance plans in Texas — despite similar efforts stalling previously. (Image credit: MGN Online)

The Texas Senate has approved a bill prohibiting coverage of abortion by some health insurance plans in Texas — despite similar efforts stalling previously.

Monday’;s 21-10 vote sends Friendswood Republican Sen. Larry Taylor’;s bill to the state House. It came as activists in the Senate gallery shouted “abortion is healthy care” and briefly unrolled a protest banner before being escorted out.

The proposal bars health insurance plans offered through the Obama administration’;s health care law from covering the cost of abortions unless policyholders purchase supplemental coverage.

Texas never established health insurance exchanges under the Affordable Care Act, but state policies are offered via federal exchanges. Twenty-5 states already restrict abortion coverage in plans purchased through exchanges.

A bill by Taylor doing the same thing stalled in the Legislature last session.

(Copyright 2017 Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.)

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